9 Empowering Leadership Books To Read

Best Leadership Books

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Let’s explore 9 of the very best leadership books. Now, leadership is one of the most valuable skills in all of the business. Not only is it very useful if you’re a CEO, or a manager, or something like that, but almost anybody can benefit from these same skills when it comes to inspiring, or influencing, or leading other people.

So regardless of your specific role in business, if you’re interested in becoming a more effective leader, then these books can most certainly help. So let’s dive straight into the list.

Best Leadership Books

It’s very common to hear leaders talk about what their organization does. And in some cases, they might go a step further and talk about how they do what they do.

This book is all about how to identify and communicate your why, that deeper purpose so that you can inspire other people to take action on the behalf of your organization.

As an organization grows in size, it can become more and more difficult to clarify and effectively communicate the objectives or the strategic goals of the organization in a way that drives the right actions on behalf of everybody within the organization.

This book is about a superior approach to managing an organization’s goals in a much more effective way.

Some of the most inspiring and impactful leaders of all time can be found in the technology category. People like Steve Jobs, and Tim Cook of Apple, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmidt, from Google, Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, from Facebook, and of course, Jeff Bezos, from Amazon.

But what do all of these industry titans have in common? Well, they all happen to gather together in one place to celebrate the life of Bill Campbell, the trillion-dollar coach talked about in this book.

This book documents his life, tell us a little bit about what made him such an incredibly influential person, and it breaks down his very unique leadership style.

There are two kinds of dangers that people face when they’re working inside an organization. There are outside dangers, and there are inside dangers. 

So when it comes to outside dangers, this would include things like direct competitors, alternative solutions in the marketplace, and even things like market conditions, when it comes to internal dangers, this can include things like personal conflict, intimidation, and even things like humiliation.

This book explains how great leaders create a circle of safety within their organization.

At a high level, there are two distinct approaches to leadership. The first is to try to be the genius that everybody turns to when they’re in a bind, the second approach is to find ways to unlock the genius in everybody else on the team to give them opportunities to overcome major obstacles.

This book is all about that second approach, it’s about being a multiplier, and about taking other people’s incredible skills, and their unique genius, and bringing it together to make the team significantly more effective and less reliant on any one leader.

When people try to describe what makes a leader so effective, they tend to focus on things like strategy, or vision, or brilliant ideas. And yet, what this book explains is that the best leaders really focus on emotional resonance, they look to make a connection with the people that they’re aiming to lead.

And it also breaks down six different unique approaches to leadership, including visionary, coaching, affiliative, democratic, pace-setting, and commanding. 

Great leadership often involves striking a balance between two different extremes. For example, training hard versus training smart, discipline versus creativity, confidence versus humility, empowering versus micro-managing, and leading versus following.

This book is all about how to strike a better balance when it comes to the various dichotomies that you will almost certainly encounter as a leader.

There are so many different unique skills associated with great leaders that it’s no surprise that many leaders might have strengths in some areas and weaknesses in other areas. Now, fortunately, for many leaders, their strengths can often carry them through situations where perhaps their weaknesses could potentially be an issue.

This book breaks down 21 different insights that relate to leadership. So just a really great resource if you’re looking to become a more well-rounded and more effective leader.

Leaders are very often tempted to take charge or to jump in when facing a new opportunity or a new challenge. Our default response is often, how? But great leaders really shift from how to who. So instead of asking, how can I solve this, we need to ask who can solve this for me?

This book is all about achieving bigger goals through teamwork and collaboration, it’s all about getting very clear on the outcomes that you’re seeking to achieve, and then allowing other people to have the autonomy and the control necessary to achieve those outcomes on your behalf.

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