8 Best Digital Marketing Books To Read

Best Digital Marketing Books

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Let’s go through 8 of the very best digital marketing books. So the idea behind this list is I wanted to select 10 of the very best digital marketing books, the ones that I believe will have the greatest impact on you and your business.

Now, of course, you don’t have to go through all 8 digital marketing books immediately, but what I would recommend is that familiarize yourself with the basic idea behind each of these books, that way you’ll be in a position to choose the one or maybe two books that you feel will have the greatest immediate impact for you and your business.

Best Digital Marketing Books

This is the digital marketing book that I most often recommend to anybody starting a new business or launching a new product or launching a new service, anything like that because the number one reason why new ventures like this often fail is they aren’t able to attract enough customers, and this book is all about making sure that you have a very clear strategy for attracting customers.

The book covers 19 different marketing channels that you can use to attract customers. So if you’re at all interested in making sure that you have enough customers, maybe you’re launching a new product or new service, something like that, I highly recommend this book.

One of the most important things in business is to make sure that you clarify exactly what it is that you do to help customers. But the unfortunate reality is there’s often a big disconnect between what a business knows that it can do for customers and what customers understand or perceive in how that business can help them.

So this book is all about making sure that you clear your message, so customers will listen. So you can make it really easy for them to understand exactly who you are, what you do, and how you can help them

Word of mouth is arguably the single most important marketing strategy for most businesses out there. This digital marketing book is all about how to create products, services, or even ideas that are more we’re likely to spread through social transmission or through word of mouth.

It covers these six principles of contagiousness, which include social currency, triggers, emotions, public observability, practical value, and stories. Any one of these principles can be incorporated into your products or your services, or even your content efforts to make it more likely that whatever it is that you’re producing will spread.

This digital marketing book is all about positioning, making sure that your brand is positioned well in the minds of customers. And the reason why this is so important is that as human beings, we make a mental association between product categories and specific brands.

And if you can create this kind of connection, or whenever somebody thinks of a product category, they think of your brand, well effectively, you’re living rent-free in their minds. So for example, if I mentioned a category like fast food, most people immediately link that category with a brand like McDonald’s or if I mentioned ride-sharing, it might be Uber.

The idea here is you wanna make this connection, and this book covers a number of really powerful strategies for how to achieve this status, where whenever somebody thinks of your specific product category, they’re going to think of your brand

This book is all about how to generate momentum with a brand new product or service. Whenever you’re creating something new, you’re creating an entirely new product category that people haven’t even heard of before, whatever the case may be, it’s incredibly difficult to initially establish momentum.

So this book is all about making sure that you yourself the best chance for success when it comes to this kind of change. And one of the key ideas from this book is to start with the smallest viable market, to choose one core audience that is going to benefit most from whatever it is that you offer. 

Content marketing has become a cornerstone of many marketing strategies today. A lot of small businesses are turning to writing articles, creating videos, creating podcasts, creating infographics, this kind of thing, creating content in order to build an audience around their brand.

And ideally, it’s all about building trust with your audience so that eventually when they might be interested in buying related products or services.

This is an all-time classic among salespeople, marketers, or really anyone interested in the idea of persuasion. Now, interestingly enough, the book was written from the perspective of how to avoid being manipulated by the six techniques that are covered in this digital marketing book.

Now, the mistake that a lot of marketers make is that they read a book like this and they immediately go out and try to abuse these techniques to manipulate their prospects and customers.

You don’t wanna abuse the tactics, but you do wanna be aware of them, and you do wanna be aware of the negative implications of not understanding the basic ideas in a book like this.

Next on the list we have “Crossing the Chasm” by Geoffrey A. Moore. This digital marketing book is all about how to successfully market and selling disruptive products to mainstream customers. 

This book can help you do is cross the chasm from early adopters who love new things to the pragmatist, mainstream buyers that want proven solutions, and everything involved in delivering that, because ultimately, the overwhelming majority of revenue and profit is typically achieved by appealing to this second group. 

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